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  • Fernando Araújo

Steps to Set Up Your InstagramBusiness Page

Instagram has the second largest active user base of any major platform. It’s effectively replaced magazines as the platform through which companies advertise luxury goods and clothes. Instagram’s also owned by Facebook and offers the same suite of micro-targeted advertising tools.

If your business is visual-heavy, Instagram will be your most important advertising platform. You’ll need a smartphone to create an Instagram Business Account. First, you should download the free Instagram app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Then, create a personal account following Instagram’s provided steps. Once you’ve done that, open your new account’s profile and press the “menu” icon in the top right corner.


  1. Press “Settings

  2. Press “Account”

  3. Press “Switch to Business Account”

Source: Facebook for Business

Instagram will then prompt you to create an account name and input a business profile picture, a business bio, and a website link. Instagram will also suggest you link your Instagram account to your Facebook Business Page.

We highly recommend doing this, as sharing data and audience between the two pages will make it easier to market to consumers. Once you’ve created your Instagram business page, follow this link to start advertising on Instagram.

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