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23 de jan. de 2022
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Like ourselves, very slow industry leads classes, incredibly far away, on these screens that are reproduced incessantly while we chat secretly from the teacher on duty who makes superhuman efforts so that what is ultimately being done to him is not noticed note: his own industry leads malaise, everyday fear, an exhaustion that has no equal. industry leads We open the doors and turn on the music at the same time and at the same time we pass out overflowing glasses of cheap booze and begin to dance. Hands up. The hip swings. The industry leads scream or screams. And of course it crosses our minds that yes, something can happen, but as long as it doesn't happen, as long as no one falls, as long as none of us appears with our heads down and the word positive hanging industry leads from our voices more and more serious, we will continue to industry leads hold the open door so that acquaintances and strangers continue to enter until no one else fits and the party has to spread up the stairs and, later, through The narrow garden until it covers industry leads the sidewalk and, in just a little while, half the street . Surely some neighbor will call the police at any moment, and the industry leads patrol will turn the wheel with red and blue lights and sirens on. And we, half drunk but serene, half exultant but polite, we'll say yes, officer, we're going to stop this, how did we industry leads come up with it, what kind of irresponsibility. Thanks, officer, we're going to stop.

shopon seo

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